It is well documented that many legionella outbreaks and cases are due to lack of training, poor management and incorrectly assessed premises. The control of legionella is required wherever there is water used or stored, irrespective of size and usage.

Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) L8 states:

"Competence - 45 Those who are appointed to carry out the control measures and strategies should be suitably informed, instructed and trained and their suitability assessed. They should be properly trained to a standard which ensures that tasks are carried out in a safe, technically competent manner. Regular refresher training should be given and records of all initial and refresher training need to be maintained. Although training is an essential element of competence, it is not the only factor - it should be viewed as is a product of sufficient training, experience, knowledge and other personal qualities which are needed to undertake a job safely. Competence is dependent on the needs of the situation and the nature of the risks involved."

Effective training is essential for personnel with the responsibility of controlling and managing the risk posed by the legionella bacteria. Steve Mount Associates recognises that controlling the risk is the responsibility of many individuals, with different roles and responsibilities. We tailor our training courses to meet the needs of these differing roles. Our courses, provide the core skills to enable the effective implementation of a risk management programme, to provide assurances that legislative compliance is being addressed.

Steve Mount Associates Ltd. offer bespoke Legionella training courses that can be customised to meet the specific needs of your staff and organisation. These courses can be developed in consultation with you and your staff and can be delivered at your own premises, or at a location convenient to you. This approach has several benefits.

  • Training courses that meet your specific needs.
  • Deal with issues specific to your organisation, staff and facilities.
  • Prevent you and your staff from spending valuable time away from your work environment.
  • Choose training dates convenient to you.
  • A practical, compliance based approach - get your staff up to speed quickly.

Certificates of attendance can be provided which can be used as evidence of staff training.

Training may not be at the top of your list of priorities but the cost of getting it wrong can be immeasurable. At a recent case involving health and safety failings, the following statement was issued in the summation:- "Inadequate management, by neglecting such an obvious duty of care that can result in the health and lives of the public or employees being endangered, cannot go unpunished."

These made to order courses are generally suitable where you have 3 or more candidates to be trained at any one time or where you wish to adapt the course content to the specific needs of your organisation. For more information on our Training services please complete the contact form, call us on 0778 752 4066 or email

For City&Guilds accredited training courses visit the Immerse Training website.