Audits of Control Measures and Records

Once the Legionella risk has been assessed and identified, a written scheme should be prepared for preventing or controlling it.

The implementation of the Legionella system control scheme should be regularly monitored and frequently reviewed (at least every 2 years). Everyone involved in any related operational procedure should be properly supervised and trained. Staff responsibilities and lines of communication should be properly defined and clearly documented.

The employment of contractors or consultants does not absolve the duty holder of responsibility for ensuring that control procedures are carried out to the standard required to prevent the proliferation of legionella bacteria. Organisations should make reasonable enquiries to satisfy themselves of the
competence of contractors in the area of work before entering into contracts for the treatment, monitoring, and cleaning of the water system, and other aspects of water treatment and control.

Is your control system adequate for the control of Legionella? What if you are inspected or something goes wrong? When such a situation occurs it can often prove to be a very traumatic experience for all those involved.

Steve Mount Associates Ltd. have developed independent Legionella audits incorporating the BS 8580 2010 BRITISH STANDARD Water quality – Risk assessments for Legionella control – Code of practice, to give you and your organisation the confidence that your existing Legionella control systems and practices are compliant with current good practice procedures and latest relevant legislation. They also help to ensure that when required, you can demonstrate to the controlling authorities that your management systems and procedures are fully compliant.

System Compliance

Steve Mount Associates Ltd. independent Legionella audits can give you the reassurance that your Legionella control systems and practices are compliant. Our audits will look at the management systems you currently have in place as well as clarify the roles, responsibilities and duties of managers, consultants and contractors involved in the management and hygiene processes.

An independent audit will study your systems and processes before making detailed bespoke recommendations. This normally involves a review of your existing Legionella risk assessment (if you have one, if not, it may be necessary to create one), inspecting your existing procedures against best practice and current legislation, and making specific recommendations to enable compliance.

Regulatory Non Compliance

For sites that are non-compliant, we would work closely with you to ensure that a compliant plan is produced and put in place as quickly as possible.

Existing Systems

For sites with an existing Legionella risk assessment the auditor's role would be to ensure that your staff and any water treatment service providers, consultants and contractors carry out their agreed duties.

Independent Auditors

The independent role of the auditor ensures that those with ultimate responsibility can demonstrate that they are fully compliant with their obligations.

The benefits of using a truly independent auditor are numerous and include:
  • Confidence - demonstrate to the authorities that your existing control systems and procedures are fully compliant with current best practice and relevant legislation.
  • A fresh approach by an experienced industry specialist can often spot those overlooked potential problems.
  • A truly independent, unbiased review free of any conflicts of interest ensures that you get what is best for you and your organisation.
Steve Mount Associates Ltd. audit services are ideal for health and safety managers, real estate and facilities managers, building owners, engineering contractors, water treatment service providers and more.

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